Webinar : Telehealth is your future


Connected Home Living staff will take a look into the future of Telehealth as it relates to multiple post-acute care settings.  We will provide insight into Telehealth as a platform that adds critical value to our ailing post-acute care (PAC) system. As payment systems change in the PAC world, so will care options.  Many patients lack adequate education on their medications and disease process and suffer from anxiety when leaving the acute care setting. Telehealth IS the bridge to that transition.  Speakers will look into the PAC world of opportunity with Telehealth.


Neil Tantingco, Founder and CEO of Connected Home Living. has over 17 years in healthcare, and remains as the Owner and Licensee of the successful Evergreen Residence Assisted Living in Central California.  For over 4 years, Neil held management roles for various telehealth solutions such as VideoCare and GrandCare.  By blending his background in healthcare and telehealth, Neil founded Connected Home Living in 2015 to address the fundamental challenge of reducing hospital readmission with irrefutable success rate.


♦ Understand how Telehealth will serve as the BRIDGE between acute care and post-acute care.

♦ Recognize how to identify patients best suited for Telehealth.

♦ Increase knowledge relative to cost savings for hospitals, homecare companies, and individual patients.

♦ Learn the difference between telehealth as a digital platform simply capturing data and telehealth using the ‘in the moment’ virtual patient connection through remote monitoring.

♦ Gain an improved understanding of ‘telehealth’ products when making decisions on just what systems would be most appropriate for their organization.


December 5, 2018, 10:00AM PST


Complimentary Webinar; no charge