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What lets us stand apart from the rest is our 4 key pillars: Connection, Deployment, Observation and Intervention. Here's what connection means. Each patient is assigned a remote care coordinator (RCC) who will monitor medical devices and data, track and adjust the execution of the care plan and coach and guide the patient. Deployment is simple, intuitive Telehealth kit will be personalized for each patient. This technology captures health data based upon clinically defined thresholds. Here's what oberservation means to us. Obtain clinically meaningful data to enhance and adjust care while developing an appreciation for the patient’s needs, lifestyle choices and motivations. Our intervention is turn key remote monitoring center for efficient coordination of care facilitating safe return to home and avoiding unnecessary hospital readmission. Now couple that with our industry leading technology and you have an award winning in-home care services.


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Patients Assisted
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Calls Placed (w/88% compliace rate)

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Our Successful Onboarding Process



Step One: Analysis & Integration
As your partner in seamless healthcare delivery we will design a workflow-centric Telehealth system to proactively integrate and support your care delivery model. We will unlock the value of the patient data and information, coordinating care across providers, tracking patient events and enhancing care.


Step Two: Installation & Customization

Our simple to use, intuitive Telehealth platform is highly adaptable to the needs of each patient and the care team. The platform supports informed clinical decisions and efficient care delivery. The point of care data allows you to be predictive and proactive in individually designing care delivery.



CC Computer 1


Step Three: Coordinate & Monitor

Access to patient data with heightened visibility to important changes reduces time to detect clinical events and reduces hospitalizations. The CHL Remote Care Coordinator monitors all patient personalized alerts and critical health information to ensure preventive action and ongoing assessment.


Step Four: Facilitate & Intervene

CHL provides patients with daily assurance that they are cared for and supported. CHL offers them comfort, education, feedback and a better understanding of how to maintain their health and well-being. The CHL Remote Care Coordinator supports your ability to manage the daunting amount of patient data and alerts and utilize the information in a meaningful patient centered manner. Employing defined thresholds for monitoring with an active coaching relationship achieves best outcomes and keeps patients out of the hospital.

Preventive care using
remote technology.

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