Home Care Monitoring represents an entirely new but proven approach to caregiving, enabling Care Professionals to monitor the health and safety of our clients through TeleHealth – but without the intrusiveness or cost of an around the clock in-home care or long term facility.
  • Seniors who want to continue to age at home (91% recent AARP survey) and desire a non-intrusive and cost-effective care services
  • Families who want peace of mind who need extra ‘eyes and ears’ to maintain wellness and safety or be notified when Red Flag conditions are becoming more evident
  • Loved ones who want to prevent avoidable hospital readmission due to multiple chronic conditions and complicated Care Plans or Discharge Orders
  • Those who want their independence as well as a cost-effective ‘first step’ before hiring costly full time in-home care provider or long term care facility
  • Clients who want the convenience of seeing their physician or nurse through TeleHealth without travel
  • If receiving limited care support, clients use CHL to supplement existing in-home care service or family visits since only on premise part of the day or week
  • Safely delay eventual need for long-term care in a facility (due to cost, independence)
  • Those with special needs (i.e. Hospice, Developmentally Disabled, Advanced Parkinson’s, Latch Key Children, etc.)
  • Ability to take own vitals (i.e. put on blood pressure cuff, glucose reading, stand on weight scale)
  • Ability to answer simple assessment questions on own (i.e. swelling ankles?  Pain around chest area?)
  • Ability to communicate via video-calling or phone

We understand technology may be intimidating to some seniors at first, but our CHL Care Coordinators are patient and will train as many times needed over time.

Remote Care Coordinators have extensive background and experience in elderly care. Before any Caregiver gets in contact with a care recipient, their criminal background has to be checked and cleared by the Department of Justice. From there, each are trained at least 10 hours ranging from safety/emergency, HIPAA (or caution about private information) training, dementia/Alzheimer’s, etc.
Our Remote Caregivers build rapport with the patient and quite commonly become a personal friend throughout the remainder of their life. We may find that a particular Caregiver and client are not working well together – we can substitute a Caregiver if preferred.
The designated CHL Care Coordinators will partner with the patient’s primary care team and other health care providers (i.e. specialists) to develop their care plan and keep them regularly informed of the patient’s progress. Patients will continue to have appointments with their existing health care providers as required; CHL Care Coordinator is not a replacement for existing services.
Prior to start of service, your designated CHL Care Coordinator will work with family, physician and clinicians to understand the loved one’s care needs. We will build and jointly agree on a customized Care Plan for each client to design the most suitable program. For example in the beginning, we may start off with 1-2 live video call check-ins per day for the first week then taper down to once per day the following week as health improves. This could be scheduled or random calls.
TeleHealth is easy to set up due to its “Instant On” feature, so we can walk a client or family member through the process by phone or via the tablet.
  • 8” Tablet with stand and charging station
  • Wireless Medical Devices (Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeter and Weight Scale)
  • Internet 4G andGPS Tracking
When vitals are successfully taken by client, the results are automatically stored and tracked within the Portal. In addition, alerts are set when the readings are outside the normal range (dictated by physician). Historical data of vitals along with Progress Notes and results of assessments can be retrieved and printed by logging into the Portal.
Our CHL Care Coordinator can render our service by staying in contact via your parent’s phone, mobile device or computer until the Telehealth system is replaced.

If equipment is due manufacturer defect, CHL will replace at no charge.  Damaged unit and device caused by client will be charged to responsible party.

Yes, we encourage authorized families to check-in since this provide tremendous peace of mind. This also helps with addressing social isolation which is common to seniors living alone at home.
Video calling is simple, and all you need is a personal device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet or computer) with a camera and internet. Authorized families will need to log-into the TeleHealth portal using the browser in the device then click on the video-calling feature to start making calls.
There is a minimum of 3 months then a month-to-month agreement. Invoice is sent on a monthly basis. We accept check or credit card.