Improving Patient Care

Our Remote Care Coordinators (RCC) provide face-to-face, video chat interactions with your patients to monitor and assist in adherence and reducing readmissions, while improving clinical patient outcomes. With the ability to visually record patient vitals, assess patient needs for medication refills, food, transportation to medical appointments, and social interactions, our coordinators develop personalized patient care with established protocols. Available 24/7, RCCs cover the extended hours and weekends when staffing from Home Health is typically limited. Connected Home Living patients thrive with more attention and interaction, and their satisfaction scores prove it!

readmissions and ER visits

Reducing Readmissions

Connected Home Living (CHL) improves patient care after discharge from the hospital with Remote Care Coordinators and remote monitoring technology. Using the most advanced technology in the industry, our customizable technology kit has a pre-loaded tablet, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weight scale, and optional devices i.e., thermometer, glucometer adapter, and spirometer flutter used to track patient vitals. Our tablets have easily assessable educational videos specific to the patient’s needs, video calling and video triage, alerts for medication, access to patient data via secured Care Portal (HIPAA compliant) and other customizable features. We provide services that reduce false-positive clinical escalations, thereby reducing the gap in chronic care, avoidable readmissions and healthcare expenditures.

Weekend Tuck-in Program

Connected Home Living’s Weekend Tuck-in Program is unique to the industry.  Our Remote Care Coordinators (RCC’s) pay special attention to the patients’ needs for the upcoming weekends, when often, home health care providers have reduced patient care loads.  Each patient is contacted prior to the weekend to confirm that they have supplies, medications, food, necessary transportation and an understanding of what they need to do, to transition the weekend without incident. Patient care is continuing regardless of the time, or day of the week.  The results of this program are higher satisfaction scores, fewer readmissions, with an improved quality at a lower cost.

Social Interaction Volunteers

An important aspect of Connected Home Living’s success is our specially-trained, caring, volunteer group of teens that partner with an elderly mentor, providing companionship, social interactions and spiritual services, that keep the patient engaged.

CHL Client Benefits

  • CHL offers an easy to install remote care patient monitoring system.
  • Remote Care Coordinators – 24/7 access, especially on those hard-to-staff evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Clients avoid hiring additional staff to fill time gaps
  • Reductions in avoidable re-admissions
  • Reductions in false positive escalation requests
  • Bilingual support
  • Ongoing RPM Training for caregivers, patients and families
  • Adherence to client agency policies and procedures
  • Accurate documentation and efficient communication
  • Transitional care guidance, coaching and support for patient and family
  • Social programs to keep patients supported and engaged


Our patients love giving us feedback on our services.

CHL Partners With

“I love the fact that I can count on someone else to check in on my mom since I cannot be with her everyday. There is a certain amount of confidence that we both have that there is another set of “eyes” on her. I do so appreciate this system.”
Donna Biby, Daughter
“Knowing Connected Home Living is by my side, this offers peace of mind since someone is always there looking out for my health and well-being. If I need help, they’re only a button away.”
Irene Vandecavey, CHL Client
“I feel fortunate I’m being helped by Connected Home Living! I feel secure someone is regularly checking in and looking out after me to make sure I don’t go back to the hospital. My daily and appointment reminders, the health videos and constant monitoring of my vitals have been key to feeling better. Being alone most of the time, I use their telehealth to stay in touch with my son in Hawaii and form other friends using this simple system.”
Cleta Schmidt, CHL Client
“I live in Hawaii, a paradise until your loved one is sick in the mainland. After getting a call about my mother being sick, Hawaii became a prison. Connected Home Living came in and changed all that. When my mother got home, the CHL staff stepped in and setup his telehealth service. They were very customer oriented. The assigned CHL Care Coordinator would call my Mother regularly, and always message me – with CHL there I knew I could rest easy. On top of it all, when the Care Coordinator got the service working he patiently worked with my Mother and me to teach us how to use the service. The online tools, the consistent messaging, and being able to call and see over the computer whether my Mother was sleeping or awake helped me greatly. It made me feel like I was able to step into my Mother’s home from 2400 miles away. Without CHL’s service, their kindness, and their willingness to go the extra mile to help, I would have had to stop everything in Hawaii and fly to California. Because of CHL, today my Mother is healthier, and back to talking about her next Adventure. I am, not worried though, because with CHL’s service wherever she goes I will be there with her too. Many thanks to all the staff at Connected Home Living!”
Phillip Cornejo, Son

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