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“Technology is part of the solution, but it’s the timely interactions with the patients when alerts are generated, and the face-to-face connection with the Remote Care Coordinators (RCCs), that encourage patient adherence and success in their recovery at home.”

— Neil Tantingco, Founder and CEO of Connected Home Living

Connected Home Living Reduces Readmissions

Connected Home Living (CHL) addresses avoidable readmissions by blending live 24/7 Professional Remote Care Coordination (RCC) with the latest intuitive remote patient monitoring. Our team provides timely interventions, bridges external care services, and addresses patient psychosocial needs. RCCs collect and share patient data with the healthcare team, a key pillar in preventing avoidable readmissions. With thousands of patients, CHL is seeing a reduction in readmission rates of 91 to 95 percent.



Remote Care Coordination
remote care

Connected Home Living Health Platform

Based on the patient’s capability and comfort level utilizing their preferred communication device, CHL provides a variety of platforms to ensure as many patients are enrolled in the program as possible. For patients accustomed to utilizing their own personal smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android), an easy-to-download application is provided.  A telehealth kit, which consists of a tablet with built-in internet and wireless medical devices and is intuitive to operate, can be delivered to the patient’s home. If both are not viable options, their assigned RCC can render phone calls to retrieve ongoing data collection so no patient is left out of the program.

Authorized physicians, nurses, nursing staff, and Home Health agencies will have access to patient data and telehealth communication with the patient based on their security access privileges. Often times, physicians and nurses find it more convenient to work with the assigned RCC. Based on schedule or ad hoc calls, the RCC can engage both the physician on a group video conference with the patient by sending a link to the physician’s email or phone. Upon clicking the link, the physician will be able to join the secured video conference call with the patient.



  • CHL offers an easy-to-install remote care patient monitoring system

  • Rapid time to market with CHL Turnkey Solution

  • Remote Care Coordinators – 24/7 access, especially on those hard-to-staff evenings, weekends and holidays

  • Clients avoid hiring additional staff to fill time gaps

  • Reductions in avoidable re-admissions

  • Reductions in false positive escalation requests

  • Ongoing RPM Training for caregivers, patients, and families

  • Adherence to client agency policies and procedures

  • Accurate documentation and efficient communication

  • Transitional care guidance, coaching, and support
    for patient and family

  • Extension to the agency Clinical team in between visits to take on Tasks so care continues beyond normal visits
  • Bilingual support

  • *Ask us about our Auto Rapid InTake Process for ease of telehealth patient enrollment

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