Position: Remote Care Coordinator

Reports to: Supervisor

FLSA Status: Contractor (first 90 Days) to Permanent

Prepared by: Supervisor

Prepared Date: 05/30/2016


To coordinate the daily functions of Home Care Monitoring service, remotely assisting the wellness and safety of the Client while teaming in concert with families, physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals, pharmacists and other outside vendors to ensure the efficient care of the Client. Perform daily Client care oversight & assessments and provide daily written & verbal report, follow-up on Client needs, and accurate maintenance of Client health records.

Qualification Standards

  • Minimum of four (4) years’ experience working with patients in Assisted Living, Home Care, Care Coordination or Transitional care
  • Basic computer skills such as accessing the internet, video calling and navigating from one application to another.
  • Ability to work independently from home with limited supervision
  • Must meet all health-related requirements pertaining to State licensure (although not legally required).
  • Must be able to perform duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Subject to criminal background check and drug screening
  • Telehealth experience is a plus
  • Bilingual is a plus (preferably Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin/Cantonese)

Physical Requirements

  • Visual and auditory acuity within normal limits, fine hand coordination. ¬†Ability to communicate with Clients and co-workers, read and write, and remain calm under stress.
  • Universal Precautions ~ OSHA Category Classification:
  • First Aid Training required.

Job Functions:

Remote Client Care

  • Observes and reports patient telehealth alerts triggered by biometric data, trend analysis and patient call request to assigned clinical contacts
  • Collaborates with the member/patient, family, physician and all members of the healthcare team, internal and external to this organization.
  • Interacts with the member/patient, family, physician and healthcare team. Utilizes the predefined protocol process to set priorities, plan, organize, and implement interventions that are goal directed toward self-care/long term care outcomes, and the transition to stabilization or independent status.
  • Utilizes “Motivational Interviewing” techniques to influence member/patient behavioral changes to increase the level of compliance with customized care.
  • Encourages client/member/patient participation and compliance in the clinical program efforts.
  • Documents accurately and comprehensively based on the standards of practice and current organization policies.
  • Interacts and communicates, telephonically, using video, or via other technologies to be develop, striving for continuity and efficiency as the member/patient is managed along the continuum of
  • Performs care management responsibilities as per customer requirements; recognizes urgent situations and escalates issues appropriately.

Department Administration & Supply

  • Electronically Assist with admissions, discharges, and transfer, as directed.
  • Report all incidents and accidents immediately pre-defined contacts and parties
  • Coordinate personal care services for all Clients
  • Keep the working environment neat, clean and organized at all time.

Staff Development:

  • Participate in training, scheduling in-services and staff meetings.
  • Support and uphold all Connected Home Living policies and service philosophy.
  • Upholds Clients’ Rights as defined by California state regulations and Connected Home Living policy at all times.

Other Duties:

Perform other duties as assigned.

Work location:

The Remote Care Coordinator will work independently from qualified and safe home location with internet (minimum 2 Mbps down & upload) and phone system.


The Remote Care Coordinator will follow the dress code or Connected Home Living issued attire.  Persons requesting an exception will be reasonably accommodated as appropriate.

Work Schedule:

The Remote Care Coordinator reports promptly based on assigned work schedule.


Please send resume via fax or jobs@connectedhomeliving.com.